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Code Tech Co., Ltd (CT) is a telecommunication solutions provider using Voice over IP technology. CT is an engineering firm specializing in voice over IP, Asterisk, interface design, custom application development, and integration. Code Tech Co., Ltd’s (CT) main focus is dedicated to pure IP  telephony solutions for small to midsized businesses. CT voice systems provide customers with a number of key benefits, including ease of use, manageability, configurability, and lower total cost of ownership than alternative 'closed' solutions such as Nortel and Lucent. Our software and hardware architecture and 'best of breed' solutions extend enterprise-class voice services to offices, keeping employees fully connected wherever they go.



540 Mercury Tower, 11th Floor,  Phloenchit Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand. Tel: +66 (0)23058705  BY DESIGN STUDIO